28 2 / 2014

"I wish I could take your hand and make it true.
Cause no one knows how far apart we’ve stayed to get through."

Op†ion; † (CROSSES)

21 2 / 2014

"I can’t make sense of this,
But we’re here today, feeling alive."

Deliver Us; In Flames

03 1 / 2014

Rope Master: Kinoko Hajime
Model: Michiko Kanade

Rope Master: Kinoko Hajime

Model: Michiko Kanade

(Source: goodmorningmotherfucker, via riya-sato)

02 7 / 2013

"A thousand times that I have said,
Today, today, today."

Up in the Air; 30 Seconds to Mars

26 6 / 2013

It’s such an irony, this sunny bright weather..
-Good Morning-"

鼓動 (Kodou); DIR EN GREY

25 6 / 2013

It disappears without even being able to let out a word.
Was it freedom that we won?"

Inconvenient Ideal; DIR EN GREY

25 6 / 2013

"You’ll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time."

23; Jimmy Eat World

13 6 / 2013

"That’s how the story goes."

Do or Die; 30 Seconds To Mars

03 6 / 2013

Foo Fighters - Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin Cover)

26 4 / 2013

Hey tagger, come and catch me. Do you hear me clapping?
Cause if you don’t, I will catch you and I will…"

輪郭 (Rinkaku); Dir en Grey

04 4 / 2013

So even if I engraved the meaning that I lived in my hand, it will only be known as flowers of vanity."

The Final; Dir en Grey

Finally listened to “The Final (Unplugged Ver.)” on The Unraveling EP. Their greatest unplugged rendition. Hands down. Bar none.

31 3 / 2013

"If you have to let it go,
Walk away."

Walk Away; Funeral for a Friend

27 3 / 2013

"I’d travel time and confess to her,
But I’m afraid she’d shoot the messenger."

Surrender; Billy Talent